Unexpected Math

She couldn’t sleep at night thinking about the next day,
If she failed what would her parents say?
She would be letting down her parents, herself.
Should she just have cheated instead?
But, what if you pass,
Wouldn’t you be relieved?
Said a part of her mind,
And her heart, it leaped.

The next day she woke up,
Feeling drab.
She reached school and took her seat,
“What happened?” her friend asked, “are you sick?”
She told her friend,
“Mathematics, not looking forward to it.”
Don’t worry, her friend said you will get above ten,
“That doesn’t make it better, don’t say it again”.

The teacher entered, and calmly sat down,
“Who is Keya?”
She asked aloud,
“I am.” she stood up, with a discontented frown.
Keya you got full marks you should be proud!
“You must have made a mistake!” said Keya out loud.

The whole day she skipped and danced,
Around and around in happiness she pranced.

A Poem by~ Keya Waghmare

Pic Source- Internet


Dads can be thin,
Dads can be stout.
But, he can never bear to see his child pout.
Daddy’s girl shall never sob,
While she is sleeping his head will bob,
To see if his little girl is deep asleep,
Or if she is turning uncomfortably,
If she is so,
He will go tuck her safely and straighten her bow.
Until she softly gives a smile,
Telling her daddy, it’s all fine.


Poem By~ Keya Waghmare.

Pic source- Internet.


Smiles can always make your day
They always help to light up someone’s day,
Smiles are free so,give them away.
Like a sunshine bright they touch your heart,
Warming it right from the start.
Smiles can be sweet,
Sometimes while smiling people show their teeth.
But, they are always shown out of good intentions,
To wipe away people’s stress and tensions.
So I can make a conclusion,
That smiles are the only gesture,
That can make things right,
They can turn your full day and make it extremely bright.

Poem by~

Keya Waghmare


When we need help,
She wraps her loving arms around us.
She does all our work without making a fuss.
She is always looking out,
And cannot bear to see us pout.
For her that’s her job,
To take care of us ,
And see to it that we never sob.
When I am in her arms,
I forget all my troubles.
She holds me while I sleep,
So I dream only about hope and colourful bubbles.
She works day and night,
For us she can always stand up and fight.
A mother’s love never ends,
And it multiplies because of the love to others she sends.

By- Keya Waghmare

Free Wings

Free Wings

You can’t pull my strings
You can’t break my wings
I’m born to soar high
Up high in the sky
I have no chains pulling me back.
I’ll be flying high up,
Yes it’s a fact, you can’t push me or pull me.
You can only just see, how I become a graceful butterfly from a clumsy bee.
So don’t wait for me,
I’ll be too ahead.

Try to catch up but you’ll never be neck to neck.
I will never give up, and if I fail.
I’ll fly up again,

My ship will sail.

~By Keya Waghmare

Understanding quotes

“Everything has been figured out, except how to live.”

A quote by Confucius.

I read this quote in a book dedicated to Confucius and his works.The book asked the reader to find out the meaning of the quote.I wrote that,all the problems we face now can be solved if we think deeply about it, but the problems of living life cannot be solved how much ever we try to think about the situation. We think that life would be so much easier if we would not have those difficult,time-taking situations to face us in our everyday life, but these situations are just small challenges to test us.But the problems of life and how to live it can never be solved.

Many books try to explain how to make life more enjoyable and less of a problem, but none of them make the reader’s life fully enjoyable and non-problematic.

Hence, Confucius said this quote.




Courage and fear


pexels-photo-339805.jpegTo stand up and fight

to truly put one’s might,

to do something that’s so hard,

it’s impossible to do even some part.

But, to go back and face cowardice,

to be scared and not face the apprentice,

to be flooded with fear.

But to be strong,

to be a rebel and break laws.

Instead, to be timid

to be scared,

but to never be spared.

Choose your path now,

choose between right and wrong,

choose between courage

choose something that is real.



The rainbow goes

the sunshine flows,

the flowers and the shady tree.

The cock just crows towards the lonely souls

of no. 4 Stratton Ford and lee.

What do you call a perfect summer’s day?

Some lemon juice, a glass a truce.

It’s almost just as free .

The perfect way to celebrate your summer is just to be!