Full House Review

Recently I have been watching ‘Full House’. This serial is about a widower with three children.

D.J, Stephanie and Michelle. The widower Danny Tanner(Bob Saget) calls his best friend Joey(Dave Coulier) and his brother-in-law Jesse (John Stamos) to help him raise his children. The series is full of love, comedy and drama.

Joey who is a cartoon lover does not have a care in the world, and is an aspiring comedian. Jesse, the young brother-in-law wants to be a celebrated musician, and is part of the band ‘Jesse and the Rippers’. Jesse and Joey who have no earlier experience in babysitting, become fond towards Danny’s children and together they form a happy family. The adorable Michelle (Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Kate Olsen) grows up in front of our eyes, as we see the all eight seasons of the T.V. sitcom series. Donna Jo aka D.J. (Candace Cameron/Bure) and her annoying friend Kimmy gibbler (Andrea Barber) are best friends. Although, Kimmy is very unpopular because of wierd sense of, well everything, She is also not welcomed in the Tanner home. But her best friend always pulls her up and supports her at all times. D.J. goes through her teenage phase, and her struggle under peer pressure is portrayed well. Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) being the middle child, keeps having fights with her elder sister. But during the times of crisis, both the sisters try their best to help each other.

The trio of adults are so successful in raising these kids, that each one of them grows up to be kind and considerate. We can learn a lot of lessons from this heart touching series.

By Keya Waghmare.

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