Unexpected Math

She couldn’t sleep at night thinking about the next day,
If she failed what would her parents say?
She would be letting down her parents, herself.
Should she just have cheated instead?
But, what if you pass,
Wouldn’t you be relieved?
Said a part of her mind,
And her heart, it leaped.

The next day she woke up,
Feeling drab.
She reached school and took her seat,
“What happened?” her friend asked, “are you sick?”
She told her friend,
“Mathematics, not looking forward to it.”
Don’t worry, her friend said you will get above ten,
“That doesn’t make it better, don’t say it again”.

The teacher entered, and calmly sat down,
“Who is Keya?”
She asked aloud,
“I am.” she stood up, with a discontented frown.
Keya you got full marks you should be proud!
“You must have made a mistake!” said Keya out loud.

The whole day she skipped and danced,
Around and around in happiness she pranced.

A Poem by~ Keya Waghmare

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Dads can be thin,
Dads can be stout.
But, he can never bear to see his child pout.
Daddy’s girl shall never sob,
While she is sleeping his head will bob,
To see if his little girl is deep asleep,
Or if she is turning uncomfortably,
If she is so,
He will go tuck her safely and straighten her bow.
Until she softly gives a smile,
Telling her daddy, it’s all fine.


Poem By~ Keya Waghmare.

Pic source- Internet.


Smiles can always make your day
They always help to light up someone’s day,
Smiles are free so,give them away.
Like a sunshine bright they touch your heart,
Warming it right from the start.
Smiles can be sweet,
Sometimes while smiling people show their teeth.
But, they are always shown out of good intentions,
To wipe away people’s stress and tensions.
So I can make a conclusion,
That smiles are the only gesture,
That can make things right,
They can turn your full day and make it extremely bright.

Poem by~

Keya Waghmare


When we need help,
She wraps her loving arms around us.
She does all our work without making a fuss.
She is always looking out,
And cannot bear to see us pout.
For her that’s her job,
To take care of us ,
And see to it that we never sob.
When I am in her arms,
I forget all my troubles.
She holds me while I sleep,
So I dream only about hope and colourful bubbles.
She works day and night,
For us she can always stand up and fight.
A mother’s love never ends,
And it multiplies because of the love to others she sends.

By- Keya Waghmare

Someone Great To Talk About: Mae Jemison

“I always knew I would go to space”
– Mae. C Jemison

This is the courage that helped Mae to become the first African American woman in space. She is known all around the world for her great achievement. She is a legendary and brave woman, who fearlessly led her first mission in space aboard the space shuttle named ‘Endeavour’. Her mission was called STS-47. When she was a little child she couldn’t decide which occupation she would like to take up when she would grow up. She studied chemical engineering, and was also a physician and NASA astronaut. She also volunteered as a doctor in Cambodia and Sierra Leone. She spent one hundred and ninety hours, thirty minutes and twenty three seconds in space.
Mae’s inspiration to join NASA was an African American actor (Nichelle Nichols)who played lieutenant Uhura on the famous television series, Star Trek.
Mae could speak many different languages like, Russian, Swahili and Japanese. After she came back from space,she realised that her true passion was helping people, improving health and serving the needy of the people inAfrica. So she quit NASA and founded a company which uses satellites to do just that.
All young girls around the world look up to Mae Jemison as an inspiration and as an idol. Her story tell us that it doesn’t matter what our race, gender, colour or caste is, to achieve our dreams we only need willpower.

Free Wings

Free Wings

You can’t pull my strings
You can’t break my wings
I’m born to soar high
Up high in the sky
I have no chains pulling me back.
I’ll be flying high up,
Yes it’s a fact, you can’t push me or pull me.
You can only just see, how I become a graceful butterfly from a clumsy bee.
So don’t wait for me,
I’ll be too ahead.

Try to catch up but you’ll never be neck to neck.
I will never give up, and if I fail.
I’ll fly up again,

My ship will sail.

~By Keya Waghmare

Full House Review

Recently I have been watching ‘Full House’. This serial is about a widower with three children.

D.J, Stephanie and Michelle. The widower Danny Tanner(Bob Saget) calls his best friend Joey(Dave Coulier) and his brother-in-law Jesse (John Stamos) to help him raise his children. The series is full of love, comedy and drama.

Joey who is a cartoon lover does not have a care in the world, and is an aspiring comedian. Jesse, the young brother-in-law wants to be a celebrated musician, and is part of the band ‘Jesse and the Rippers’. Jesse and Joey who have no earlier experience in babysitting, become fond towards Danny’s children and together they form a happy family. The adorable Michelle (Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Kate Olsen) grows up in front of our eyes, as we see the all eight seasons of the T.V. sitcom series. Donna Jo aka D.J. (Candace Cameron/Bure) and her annoying friend Kimmy gibbler (Andrea Barber) are best friends. Although, Kimmy is very unpopular because of wierd sense of, well everything, She is also not welcomed in the Tanner home. But her best friend always pulls her up and supports her at all times. D.J. goes through her teenage phase, and her struggle under peer pressure is portrayed well. Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) being the middle child, keeps having fights with her elder sister. But during the times of crisis, both the sisters try their best to help each other.

The trio of adults are so successful in raising these kids, that each one of them grows up to be kind and considerate. We can learn a lot of lessons from this heart touching series.

By Keya Waghmare.

Pic Source- Internet.

Someone Great To Talk About: Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks- Social Activist

Rosa Parks may not be known to everyone. But the people who know her, know the efforts she put in to make the world an equal place to live in where there would be no difference between dark skinned people and fair skinned people, so that everyone would live in a fair and happy place. And the people who don’t know who she is don’t worry, I will tell you why she is a role model for so many girls around the world.

I found Rosa Park’s name mentioned in a book named ‘Bedtime stories For Rebel Girls’. Her story was very inspiring. It highlighted the situation in her life which made her so famous. I am going to narrate for you this incident so that even you get inspired and touched and see how huge the problem of racism is.

It was getting late at night. Rosa had finished her work and was coming home in the local bus. At that time Africa was ruled by the whites or the English people. The dark skinned people were treated harshly. As Rosa climbed inside the bus she noticed that the bus was almost empty, so she sat in the first seat. At the next stop a bus attendant came with some English people, Rosa saw them but she did not pay any attention to them. The bus attendant told her kindly, “Madam, you are sitting on the first seat, the first seat is reserved for the whites.” Rosa calmly looked at the bus attendant straight in the eye and said, “Sir, I refuse to move as I sat here and I have all the rights to continue to sit here.”

Rosa spent that night in jail but overnight she became famous for voicing her rights against the Britishers, while the Britishers were still smarting from this insult.

This is the true spirit of a rebel, to go against injustice and to fight for equal rights.

-Keya Waghmare.

Photo source (Encyclopedia Britannica)

Criticising-Part 2


Recently, I finished reading a book called as ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’.

It is a sweet story about an old professor who suffers from ALS (Amiotrophic Lateral Sclerosis).

The professor taught Sociology at a university, he had a student called as Mitch who asked him many questions. Years after Mitch had graduated from college he sees that Morrie was interviewed by a famous talk show, he decides that he wanted to meet his old professor and ask him all the questions that had haunted over the years.

Mitch then learns that Morrie was suffering from ALS, and that he had only some months to live. So Mitch decides that he wanted to ask all the questions before Morrie died. Mitch tries to fit his schedule to meet Morrie, and for Mitch’s convenience Morrie and Mitch meet every Tuesday. Morrie tells Mitch that people should not be afraid to die, instead their last breath should be peaceful and calm.

With the help of Morrie’s philosophical and logical intelligence Mitch asks Morrie questions about ‘The World, Feeling sorry for yourself, Regrets, Death, Family, Emotions, Fear of Aging, Money, Marriage, Culture, Forgiveness and The Perfect Day.

At last Morrie dies in peace… Just the way he wanted.





Understanding quotes

“Everything has been figured out, except how to live.”

A quote by Confucius.

I read this quote in a book dedicated to Confucius and his works.The book asked the reader to find out the meaning of the quote.I wrote that,all the problems we face now can be solved if we think deeply about it, but the problems of living life cannot be solved how much ever we try to think about the situation. We think that life would be so much easier if we would not have those difficult,time-taking situations to face us in our everyday life, but these situations are just small challenges to test us.But the problems of life and how to live it can never be solved.

Many books try to explain how to make life more enjoyable and less of a problem, but none of them make the reader’s life fully enjoyable and non-problematic.

Hence, Confucius said this quote.