Someone Great To Talk About: Mae Jemison

“I always knew I would go to space”
– Mae. C Jemison

This is the courage that helped Mae to become the first African American woman in space. She is known all around the world for her great achievement. She is a legendary and brave woman, who fearlessly led her first mission in space aboard the space shuttle named ‘Endeavour’. Her mission was called STS-47. When she was a little child she couldn’t decide which occupation she would like to take up when she would grow up. She studied chemical engineering, and was also a physician and NASA astronaut. She also volunteered as a doctor in Cambodia and Sierra Leone. She spent one hundred and ninety hours, thirty minutes and twenty three seconds in space.
Mae’s inspiration to join NASA was an African American actor (Nichelle Nichols)who played lieutenant Uhura on the famous television series, Star Trek.
Mae could speak many different languages like, Russian, Swahili and Japanese. After she came back from space,she realised that her true passion was helping people, improving health and serving the needy of the people inAfrica. So she quit NASA and founded a company which uses satellites to do just that.
All young girls around the world look up to Mae Jemison as an inspiration and as an idol. Her story tell us that it doesn’t matter what our race, gender, colour or caste is, to achieve our dreams we only need willpower.

Criticising-Part 2


Recently, I finished reading a book called as ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’.

It is a sweet story about an old professor who suffers from ALS (Amiotrophic Lateral Sclerosis).

The professor taught Sociology at a university, he had a student called as Mitch who asked him many questions. Years after Mitch had graduated from college he sees that Morrie was interviewed by a famous talk show, he decides that he wanted to meet his old professor and ask him all the questions that had haunted over the years.

Mitch then learns that Morrie was suffering from ALS, and that he had only some months to live. So Mitch decides that he wanted to ask all the questions before Morrie died. Mitch tries to fit his schedule to meet Morrie, and for Mitch’s convenience Morrie and Mitch meet every Tuesday. Morrie tells Mitch that people should not be afraid to die, instead their last breath should be peaceful and calm.

With the help of Morrie’s philosophical and logical intelligence Mitch asks Morrie questions about ‘The World, Feeling sorry for yourself, Regrets, Death, Family, Emotions, Fear of Aging, Money, Marriage, Culture, Forgiveness and The Perfect Day.

At last Morrie dies in peace… Just the way he wanted.





Understanding quotes

“Everything has been figured out, except how to live.”

A quote by Confucius.

I read this quote in a book dedicated to Confucius and his works.The book asked the reader to find out the meaning of the quote.I wrote that,all the problems we face now can be solved if we think deeply about it, but the problems of living life cannot be solved how much ever we try to think about the situation. We think that life would be so much easier if we would not have those difficult,time-taking situations to face us in our everyday life, but these situations are just small challenges to test us.But the problems of life and how to live it can never be solved.

Many books try to explain how to make life more enjoyable and less of a problem, but none of them make the reader’s life fully enjoyable and non-problematic.

Hence, Confucius said this quote.





man from earth

The art of rating an experience with perfection.

Today I am going to rate a movie I recently saw, the movie’s name is ‘Man from Earth.’ The plot revolves around a man who has lived for 14,000 years! At first when you hear this you will think that it is just a movie without any sense, but later on the movie will wrap you up with curiosity.

It is a very interesting movie the man tells his friends that his age was 14,000. His friends thought it impossible and thought that their friend had gone crazy. While everyone was aging and started getting wrinkles and became old, this amazing man (John Oldman played by David Lee Smith) never ages at all! His friends start asking him different questions, he starts answering them filing us with more curiosity.

Then his friend Harry (played by John Billingsley) asks his wonderful friend if he knew anything about the period of Jesus Christ, John answers after a lot of hesitation he finally tells his friends that he was Jesus Christ! He tells them how he had never walked on water and that he had healed only a few people. His friends were a bit sentimentally hurt that their friend claims to be the god they were following.

The movie is a beautiful picture full  of laughter, understanding and other complicated emotions.

Review by- Keya



“Curiouser and curiouser”

Do you remember who said these lines?

Yes! It was no other than Alice from the book ‘Alice in Wonderland‘ by Lewis Caroll. This very line shows us the curiosity filled in little Alice this shows that she wants to know and learn more.

Curiosity is another form of innocence. (it is not always compulsory that innocence is only shown in children) Every time a person is curious he/she is only showing their innocence. My mother says that, there is no harm in being curious. We can call curiosity as the thirst of knowing more. Some people think that trying to chew more than we can bite (In this case for trying to know things that are beyond our ability) is a crime.

Many great people tasted success just because of their curiosity and their quench to fulfill their thirst, like Albert Einstein.

So we should always remember that we can be successful only if we remember that being curious never does any harm.

-by Keya