Unexpected Math

She couldn’t sleep at night thinking about the next day,
If she failed what would her parents say?
She would be letting down her parents, herself.
Should she just have cheated instead?
But, what if you pass,
Wouldn’t you be relieved?
Said a part of her mind,
And her heart, it leaped.

The next day she woke up,
Feeling drab.
She reached school and took her seat,
“What happened?” her friend asked, “are you sick?”
She told her friend,
“Mathematics, not looking forward to it.”
Don’t worry, her friend said you will get above ten,
“That doesn’t make it better, don’t say it again”.

The teacher entered, and calmly sat down,
“Who is Keya?”
She asked aloud,
“I am.” she stood up, with a discontented frown.
Keya you got full marks you should be proud!
“You must have made a mistake!” said Keya out loud.

The whole day she skipped and danced,
Around and around in happiness she pranced.

A Poem by~ Keya Waghmare

Pic Source- Internet

20 Replies to “Unexpected Math”

  1. Dear Keya,

    Fear of the unknown, can hit an adult too
    You are just a kid, bright & smart too
    So what if you didn’t get the Math of the marks correct
    You are still the apple of your parents eyes, so just relax
    You don’t need to prove it to them that you are THE BEST!
    God Bless….very good attempt

  2. Really amazing to read such a beautiful thoughts by such a young girl.. it’s so practical ..
    Keep it up smart and mature girl Keya..

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