Dads can be thin,
Dads can be stout.
But, he can never bear to see his child pout.
Daddy’s girl shall never sob,
While she is sleeping his head will bob,
To see if his little girl is deep asleep,
Or if she is turning uncomfortably,
If she is so,
He will go tuck her safely and straighten her bow.
Until she softly gives a smile,
Telling her daddy, it’s all fine.


Poem By~ Keya Waghmare.

Pic source- Internet.

20 Replies to “Dads”

  1. This is on behalf of all Leon Orbit Dad’s for Keya

    A cute daughter, with a cuter hand, penned a sweet poem for all of us
    We really don’t know if we deserve such praise, given our moods & fuss
    Thank you all the same, Dear Keya, for such a wonderful surprise
    May God decorate each golden ray of the sun reaching you
    With wishes of success, happiness & delight

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